Accurate analysis of a dispute and assessment of the risks involved is critical in the early stages of any dispute. Given that Soo Yeon Lee has handled hundreds of cases encompassing a wide range of issues and facts, she thoroughly understands the complex anatomy of a case in dispute. She thinks smart to win, and she is always several steps ahead of her opponent. She draws on a wide range of legal and business experience, which makes her well-informed and thoughtful litigator, finding the unexpected support necessary to craft a strong legal position.

Litigation involving issues of 

  • Commercial Transactions 

  • Real Estate (Commercial Leasing, Partition, Specific Performance, Option to Purchase, etc.) 

  • Estate (Fiduciary Claims and Defenses, Will Contest, etc.) 

  • Construction

  • Shareholder Disputes and Other Business Issues 

Winning Strategy

Litigating Korean Cases

Real estate litigation

is very unique because of the very nature of real estate, which usually goes up in value over time, presenting special circumstances. 

Clear definition and understanding of a litigant's objective, accurate analysis of a dispute and assessment of risks, and skillful orchestration will make a winning strategy.


Seamless calibrations to simultaneously navigate between Korea and US is key to success, both in language and cultural compentency.