There are many estate planning options--whether it be a simple transfer upon death, or a more sophisticated wealth transfer incorporating tax efficient strategies. Learn what they are

and choose the option that

serves your goals best.

Estate Planning Involving Real Estate

Family Office 

Soo Yeon Lee serves as the 'family office' for many of her clients with significant assets in the U.S. and other parts of the world.  'Family office' essentially acts as general counsel to the family.


With Soo Yeon Lee's diverse and wide range of experience and expertise, she provides integrated cross-disciplinary legal advice tailored to the family's goals.

Further, her ability to seamlessly communicate in both English and Korean makes her a top choice for multi-generational families with ties to Korea. 

  • Real Estate Transactions 

  • U.S. Gift and Estate Tax 

  • Pre-Immigration Planning 

  • Foreign Account Reporting Compliance  

  • International Students in U.S.

Essential Family Documents


If parents live in another country while their children and grandchildren live in the U.S., or if such parents would like to immigrate to the U.S., learn what critical planning considerations there are and how to plan.  

Modern families are becoming more global. Learn the legal ramifications of various ownership and transfer issues when a family member is not a U.S. citizen or does not live in the U.S. Discover the best option for a foreign individual or entity to own real estate in the U.S.

Modern Global Family

Good counsel will  identify what you need in your specific circumstance.  Guided planning makes a seemingly overwhelming process easy to understand and implement.

Guided Planning


All of Soo Yeon's clients have one thing in common: the non-negotiable need to provide for their families and preserve their legacy of hard work. Soo Yeon Lee provides counsel to individuals, families, and businesses to make sure such needs and desires are fulfilled. 


Do you have children that are minors? Does any member of your family have special needs and receive government benefits? Is your family mobile and global? Do you own business interest? Do you have real estate?


Ask Soo Yeon Lee about: 

  • Best planning involving Real Estate

  • Will-Based Planning

  • Trust-Based Planning

  • Protection for Minor Children 

  • Planning for Mobile and Global Family

  • Tax aspect of Estate Planning

  • Business Succession 

  • Family Limited Partnership 

  • Special Needs Planning 

  • Essential Family Documents 

  • Power of Attorney 

There are essential documents to ensure that you and your family can take care of each other through life's ups and downs. Learn what they are and consider creating them if you don't already have them. 

Essential Documents for Your Family